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At AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS, we believe that being prepared for your adventure makes a world of difference in your enjoyment of it. Information you'll find most valuable will be included in your final preparations for the exciting adventure ahead. We'll include much of this with your itinerary after your first deposit has been paid.  Here is a sample of what you can expect to learn about before you go:

A Typical Day on Safari and Detailed Itinerary • We'll include your confirmed and detailed itinerary with a detailed map so you can get a good idea of where you will be visiting.  You'll also learn what a "typical day" might look like even though each day holds a different adventure. We'll help set your expectations for weather, people you will meet, animals you might see, additional activities you may chose to explore, and a host of other pertinent information.

A Word about Etiquette and Customs • As a visitor in any foreign country you should be aware of local customs and expected behavior. Most of this is common sense, but such things as modest clothes, respect, and a friendly attitude are all important factors. We'll discuss appropriate dress when entering churches and mosques, when it's not O.K. to take photographs, and other important information. The concept of time in other cultures is often different than ours so patience and politeness are the best ways to deal with the inevitable delays that will come your way.

Documents You Will Need • Passport requirements and necessary visa kits, with full instructions, will be sent.

Health and Insurance Information


Information on health requirements to keep you healthy while traveling.

Travel Tips • Keeping you safe and healthy is our No. 1 priority. We'll provide you with useful information on food and water safety, how to avoid sun over-exposure, what kind of weather to expect, clothing and packing lists, tips for avoiding motion sickness, information on the local currencies, what kind of electrical plug adapters you'll need to have and much more.

Reading Lists and Maps • To help you prepare for this expedition, add additional color to your adventure, we've also put together a list of carefully selected books pertinent to your itinerary, available for purchase through select bookstores.

Voucher Wallet • Just before your departure, you will receive an attractive voucher wallet to take with you on your trip. It will include your picture book itinerary, with diary notes included,  all relevant air tickets and travel vouchers to submit to AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS' ground handlers for all prepaid flights, tours and accommodations. This will help make your travel experience worry-free.

Also included will be postcards that you can address before your departure.  (Postcards while stocks lasts).

A surprise gift for all Classic Encounters' valued clients.

A special AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS DVD that you will enjoy before your departure and treasure upon your return.

A glossy brochure featuring all the latest photographic equipment ideally suited for safari and travel.

Contact Information • You'll receive a list of the address, phone and fax numbers of all the places where you'll be staying as well as our 24-hour emergency phone number should you need to contact AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS.

You will also receive copies of the above information to distribute between your family and office.

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