The name conjures up visions of exotic places, magical sunsets, wild animals, candlelit dinners under the star studded milky way, moonlit savannas and waves crashing on the shores. 

Southern Africa is a land of fascinating contrasts, natural wonders, abundant wildlife and intoxicating scenic beauty. 

It is truly a "World in one Country".  Within its borders it boasts an ever-changing environment and an extraordinary  range of landscapes. 

From the lush verdant swathes of sub-tropical forests in the eastern highlands to the arid wilderness of the far west,  from the rugged and remote peaks of majestic mountain ranges to the sun-drenched  green and gold of the coastal regions.

Southern Africa's game and marine reserves are unmatched anywhere in the world, and the abundance and array of its plants and flowers make it the botanical greenhouse of Africa. 



Safari.   The word simply means "travel" in Swahili, but for many, it alludes to wonders first envisioned in childhood: sweeping savannas, big snarling cats, thundering herds of elephant and wildebeest.

Like its meaning, the word roams the imagination, becoming other words and places, like Serengeti, Sahara, Okavango Delta or Kilimanjaro.

Safari crosses the landscape of the mind, until it finally merges with the name of the great continent itself, Africa.   








The extensive knowledge and personal attention of President M. Jackson former CEO of the South African Tourism Board, ensures travelers of  AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS  have the journey of a lifetime.

All safari planners are native South Africans, who have lived and traveled extensively through Africa's top safari destinations

They are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and customizing itineraries to match the unique desires of each traveler.

African Classic Encounters’ talented team designs the travel adventures dreams are made of.

A family-owned, boutique travel company, African Classic Encounters provides expert personalized service, and designs extraordinary voyages on the African continent.

Their experience, knowledge, enthusiasm and attention to detail has won the support and repeat business of major organizations and individuals seeking outstanding travel to Africa.

Along with providing the best naturalist guides and accommodations, African Classic Encounters understands that it is the extra touches – meetings with leading conservationists, candle-light dinners in the bush, opera concert in a private wine cellar, meetings with winemakers – that create memories that will last a lifetime.


Due to ACE' expertise and track record African Classic Encounters have been honored to partner with leading organizations to design unique travel experiences for their members.

AFRICA is a complicated destination therefore AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS work 24/7 to not only design unique, exhilarating itineraries, but to provide the support and infrastructure so vital in travel.

Journeys are designed to meet the needs and desires of all travelers. From easy and pampered to rugged and challenging, African Classic Encounters can plan the perfect trip for you.

ACE realizes the integral nature of the specialist guides to your travel experience, they personally select talented, interesting people with a passion and extensive knowledge of their country that resonates in their time with you, the traveler.

Be introduced to schools and villages, so you can really meet and interact with the local people and gain valuable insight into their lives and make a difference.

Participate in ACE' "Bring-A-Book" program and leave a book or magazine behind that can open the mind and expand the horizons of a student hungry for knowledge.

Make a difference and participate in AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS' "Africa Bag" project.