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Among the 115 islands of the Seychelles you will find the luxuriant, tropical paradise that appears in countless advertisements and glossy travel brochures. But however seductive the images, they simply can't compete with the real-life dazzling beaches and crystal-clear waters.

There are more shades of blue and green in the Seychelles than it is possible to imagine. Forming a backdrop to the relaxed tropical image of the Seychelles are the rhythms, colors and flavors of Africa and gris gris, the local brand of black magic.

Aldabra Atoll

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Aldabra is one of the world's largest raised coral atolls, stretching 34km (21mi) east to west and enclosing a huge tidal lagoon, which is home to tiger sharks, manta rays and thousands of seabirds. Aldabra is also the original habitat of the giant land tortoise.

The only people who live on Aldabra are scientists. Anyone wishing to visit must first get written permission from the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF), based in Victoria, which manages the island. There is accommodation for about eight visitors. The nearest airport is on Assumption Island, about 27km (17mi) south of Aldabra. From there, the Indian Ocean Explorer runs one-week cruises round the atoll.

Anse Lazio


The best beach on Praslin - in fact, one of the best in the country - is Anse Lazio, in the far north of the island. The beach has glorious white, soft sand, a few rounded granite boulders and a lively line-up of waves. The water is a magical turquoise color.

There's also a sheltered area with great snorkeling at the end of the beach. There's even a terrific restaurant at the end of the beach road. The beaches east of Lazio are protected by a reef, which makes the water like a giant bath - it's shallow, warm and safe.

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