Sun City - Valley of the waves.

Fun, fun, fun for the whole family! The Valley of Waves at Sun City is the most advanced Water Park in South Africa and provides hours of entertainment beneath the warm South African sun.

The Roaring Lagoon is the centre of the park - and every 90 seconds a 1.2 meter wave is generated and crashes on the white sandy beach. Surrounding the lagoon a meandering river allows for a wonderful scenic tube-ride and, for adrenaline seekers there are five exhilarating water-rides to choose from including the Temple of Courage.



The Temple of Courage

This speed slide is for the brave at heart.  There is a height restriction of 1.2 meters for safety reasons.  The speed slide begins at the aptly named ruins of the Temple of Courage.  Here swimmers drop a heart stopping 17 meters, equal to the height of a four-story building.  They slide down a 70-meter long chute, hurtle under a bridge and gradually come to gentle halt, in the chute.  It is completely safe, even though this slide looks and feels absolutely terrifying.


Viper and Mamba Slides (Tube Slides)

Tube Slides are named Viper & Mamba.  Tubes are available at the splash pool free of charge, but are for use at the slide only.  Please pass the tube on to others, once you have completed the ride.  These slides are situated to the right of the temple of courage.  These slides have a water capacity of 75 000 liters of water.  The Mamba is a closed tube slide, and the Viper is an open tube slide.  Both rides end in the splash pool at the bottom of the slides.  Hold on for the ride of your life!


Scorpion and Tarantula Slides (Body Slides)

Body slides are named Scorpion & Tarantula.   These slides are situated to the left of the Temple of Courage.  These slides have a water capacity of 60 000 liters of water.  A small pool provides a safe splashdown after a thrilling ride on the slippery and open scorpion chute.  Starting from the diamond mine is the Tarantula slide where swimmers swirl and swoop through a pitch-dark tunnel, carved into the bowels of the earth, to emerge with a splash into the same pool as the Scorpion slide.


Adventure Mountain – for the young ones

This play area is for young children who do not enjoy the waves, and who are shorter than 1.2 meters.  This area consists of 1 mini body slide, 5 mini speed slides and a splash pool, with a water capacity of 35 000 liters of water.  Play with the Adventure Mountain elephant, frog, snake and tortoise.  There is also a play castle with slide for those who do not wish to get wet.  


Lazy River

If all you want to do is relax and “veg”, then this is the ride for you.  Hop onto a single tube free of charge at the Lazy river, or hire a double tube with your partner and enjoy a relaxing trip through the spraying monkeys, squirting elephant, misty caves, the Valley crocodile and raging rapids, pass an island, the food court and… do it all again, as your heart desires. The Lazy River has a water capacity of 2 000 000 liters of water.


The Roaring Lagoon or Wave Pool

The “ancients” named this amazing feature “the roaring lagoon”, primary because of the sound of the waves pounding on the white beach.  It may also have something to do with the Lion Head features that still remain carved from rock on this huge fan shaped wave pool.  It contains approximately 8 000 000 liters of water.  The sizes of the waves vary from 3 feet, flat waves to 8-foot V waves used for surfing.  To generate a wave, half a million liters of water is sucked into giant hoppers and then suddenly released to create a mass of water which surges through a row of vents and becomes a wave, roaring towards the beach.   


Botanical Gardens

With endemic, indigenous and exotic plant species; the gardens offer the different habitats, being the dry regions, rain forest, wetlands and the coastal vegetation.  The botanical garden was established in 1998.  Over 1 600 000 plants, trees, shrubs and ground covers have been planted with 3200 species.


Diamond & Gold Mines
After the earthquake destroyed the ancient civilisation, the old diamond and gold mines were partly flooded and today provide thrilling semi-submerged waterslides as they twist down Slide Hill. The Tarantula is a thrilling experience - surrounded by darkness, armed with nothing else but a tube, you charge through channels of mountain terrain at breathtaking speed. Echoing your own screams of terror is the person hurtling down the mountain-side behind you.

The Bridge of Time     
This impressive bridge, guarded by mighty elephants, serves to link the Hall of Treasures in the Lost City Entertainment Centre with the Valley of Waves. In order to protect the incalculable riches which lie hidden in the Hall of Treasures, an ingenious mock-volcano regularly erupts, causing smoke and lava to bellow forth from deep within the Temple of Creation.

The Kong Gates     
These massive gates guarded the entrance to the Valley, and can still be seen today.

Monkey Spring Plaza     
The Monkey Spring Plaza commemorates the troop of monkeys which saved the ancient tribe from starvation during a terrible drought.

Sway Bridge     
This bridge was devised by the King to entrap those who wished harm to the Royal Family. It creaks and sways as it spans the yawning chasm over the cascading waters below.

Hidden Cave Falls
Follow the Hippo Gorge Trail from the foot of the Royal Staircase to the Hidden Cave Falls.

Royal Staircase     
The Royal Staircase links the Valley of Waves to the Palace of The Lost City via the Old East Gate Bridge.

Adventure Path
The Adventure Path links the Rain Forests across the Royal Staircase.

Gong of the Sun Lion     
This beautiful gong saved the ancient people by summoning them to the safety of the Royal Arena shortly before the earthquake devastated their homes.

Royal Arena     
This beautiful amphitheatre creates an impressive venue for cocktail parties, product launches and theatre acts. This splendid arena is right next to the Adult pool and is a venue with a difference for team building events and functions.  This same venue has been host to events such as Miss Tinkerbell, World Strongman Contest, Thomas Cook and many more.  This arena can seat 1000 people with ease.

Royal Baths     
These Royal Baths, whose tepid waters were reputed to have healing powers, were originally built over a natural spring. Crumbling roman pillars that tower overhead, creating a base upon which lush jungle creepers have grown surrounds this circular-shaped pool, also known as the Roman Baths.  There are 1.5 Million liters of water in the Adult Pool. Here one can relax and enjoy the splendor of the African Sunset, and be served drinks from the nearby Observatory Bar. 

Observatory Bar      
The Observatory bar is situated above the Valley of Waves overlooking the Wave Pool.  Here, away from the bustle of the beach one can order cocktails and tropical drinks and pass the hours in the tranquility near the lush foliage of the botanical gardens. Overlooking the Lake of Peace and the Valley of Waves, liquid refreshments are available daily from 10h00 until 18h00 in summer, and until 17h00 in winter.