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Fun, fun, fun for the whole family! Stimela the Steam Train - Children will love Stimela the Steam Train situated opposite Kamp Kwena on the Cabana's lawns. The train operates daily and passes through Animal World and alongside the Water World lake.

Also situated near the Cabanas and Kamp Kwena are Animal World and the Birds of Prey Centre, Mini Golf, Trampolines, Bumper Cars and the Finders Keepers Scratch Patch. And, at Waterworld experience the thrill of Jet skiing, Water skiing and Parasailing or enjoy one of the daily lake cruises.

Sun City aims to provide fun and entertainment for the whole family - and children are especially catered for. Besides swimming pools, outdoor fun and facilities at each of the four hotels, there is also The Valley of the Waves, Kamp Kwena, Waterworld and more!

Kamp Kwena is situated at the Cabanas children's activities park and offers a daily supervised children's program for 4-12 year olds.  Both morning (9am - 1pm) and afternoon (2pm - 5pm) sessions are offered and activities range from creative activities and games to mini Olympics, bumper boats, wildlife excursions and sandcastle building.

Facilities at Kamp Kwena include a huge selection of books, puzzles, games, toys, educational toys, cartoon network channel, playgrounds, sandpit, slides, swings as well as a built-in stage for shows.

Sun City has an addition to fun activities for little ones and adults alike, a colourful little train called Stimela. The Stimela station is situated opposite Kamp Kwena on the Cabanas Hotel's lawns. The train is operational from 9:00 to 18:00 every day.  Tickets can be purchased at Finders Keepers, situated next to Kamp Kwena.  The Stimela experience consists of a scenic ride through Animal World and passing the Waterworld lake.

Kamp Kwena     
Telephone:                                    (01455) 74136
Morning Session:                           09h00 - 13h00
Afternoon Session:                        14h00 - 17h00
Evening Session (Saturday only):  19h00 - 21h30 (Children aged 6 - 12)

Kamp Kwena is a place especially for children where they can make a friend and learn something new, where the days are an adventure and always too short. Supervised activity programme for all young Sun City Guests ranging from age 2-12 (during our seasonal period) and for children aged 4-12 (during our out-season period).

The Kamp Kwena facility is open daily, activities keep kids interested, involved and stimulated. The Kamp Kwena Fort is based at the Cabanas children's activities park. Facilities for kids at the activity park include African Adventure Mini Golf and Mini Cars, Trampolines, Animal World, playground and Waterworld.

Activities include creative activities, swimming, outings, nature walks, bumper boats, cruises, Wildlife game drives, sandcastle building, magic performances, races, mini Olympics, sporting fun, outdoor and indoor games and loads more.

A copy of the daily programme is available from all Hotel Concierge Desks and on the Guestlink TV's in the rooms.

Facilities at Kamp Kwena include a HUGE selection of books, puzzles, games, toys, educational toys, cartoon network channel, playgrounds, sandpit, slides, swings, built-in stage for shows, and loads more!!

Kamp Kwena Valley of Waves Programme
Operational Hours:
09h00 - 17h00 (Summer)
10h00 - 16h00 (Winter)

Unsupervised activity programme for all young guests visiting the Valley of Waves and fun for kids aged 4 - 12 years old. Programme runs every weekend & school holiday (weather permitting). Activities include stage performances, magic shows, face-painting, beach activities, dance contests, ice cream eating contests, down-downs, talent shows, beauty pageants, limbo, and loads more!!

Kamp Kwena Club
To become a club member, children must complete a registration card. There are presently over 7000 children who belong to the club. The children get sent birthday cards and newsletters three times year.

Kamp Kwena Passports
The Kamp Kwena passport consists of the children's details, information about Kamp kwena and two pages to be used for return stays. These pages consist of four blocks, to be stamped with a Kamp Kwena stamp every time the child returns to Kamp Kwena on a new stay. Once every fourth stamp is completed the child will receive a Kamp Kwena gift.

The Cabanas, Main Hotel, Cascades, Palace and Vacation Club also participate in offering Passport holders a special offer: Every child that has eight stamps completed in their passport, and has stayed at one of the Resort hotels for a total of eight nights, (minimum two nights per visit), will receive a free two night stay at that respective hotel (subject to conditions).

Babies Welcome

Parents are thrilled with the Kamp Kwena Crèche in the Entertainment Centre. It’s situated on the upper level next to the movie theatres and is a haven of convenience and safety for parents with babies.

Since Kamp Kwena opened at Sun City, it has been a huge hit with children of two years or older, attracting them by the dozen to this fantasy world. Sun City has been able to capture and hold the attention of every child who has entered its realm. From its wonderful namesake character Kwena the friendly croc, to the hordes of entertainment ranging from face painting, to treasure hunts, to karaoke, to puzzles and arts and crafts - Kamp Kwena has earned its reputation as a kid’s paradise. Now even younger children can experience the wonderful world of Kamp Kwena.

This Kamp Kwena specialised crèche is for children aged 0 - 2 years.  There is also an additional section for children aged 3 - 12 years. The specialised creche has a sleeping area fully kitted out with cots and bedding specially for babies, a nappy changing station, and a comfortable area where babies can toddle about to their hearts content. The registration area is a sophisticated security checkpoint so you can feel secure that your child will be protected. 

Young visitors to Sun City are made to feel welcome, and can enthusiastically take part in the structured and carefully supervised childcare facility in the Entertainment Centre. Kamp Kwena provides premium activities for children including an exclusive area dedicated to painting and playdough. There is a Lego room, Nintendo Games Room, Video Room, Barbie Room, and a creative playroom with built in stage and big screen TV.

Kamp Kwena is a place especially for children where they can make a friend and learn something new, where the days are an adventure and always too short.

The Kamp Kwena facility in the Entertainment Centre will be open daily, activities keep kids interested, involved and stimulated. Operational Hours are Sunday to Thursday  from 10h00 - 00h00 and Friday and Saturday  from  10h00 - 02h00. Also on offer at Sun City are professional baby-sitting services.

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