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AFRO-DIZZIA! is an intoxicating kaleidoscope of dizzy energy, steaming sensuality and glorious spectacle - paying homage to the world of Extravaganza – where every spectacle born on her stage will be reincarnated, and given a dizzy re-invention.

AFRO-DIZZIA! unashamedly puts the fun back into the Extravaganza invoking nostalgic memories of the past, when audiences flocked to Sun City to see this new form of ‘naughty but nice’ entertainment. NOW it’s back – bigger, better and more titillating than ever.
AFRO-DIZZIA! will be made in South Africa, by a proudly South African production team – a tribute to our rainbow nation, a melting pot of our dance styles and musical forms. It celebrates our county’s unique personality and uninhibited forms of showmanship, and takes us on a journey of song and dance like no other spectacle before it.

AFRO-DIZZIA! Is directed by Kurt Wustmann and choreography by Clarence Swartand, with spectacular set designs by James McNamara, and glamorous costume designs by Craig Leo - It’s a star-studded production team and a stellar cast.

The show's choreography will be a delightful mix of contemporary dance, adagio, funk, ballroom, Latin, ballet, kwaito, breakdance, illusion and circus, combining intricate and astonishing choreography with breath taking acrobatics.

With the help of state-of-the-art staging, lighting and sound technology, the show promises to be original, highly artistic and flamboyantly extravagant... yet its inspiration will be drawn from traditional forms of ballet, jazz, modern, ballroom, acrobatics and circus. Thus appealing to a very broad range of audiences.

AFRO-DIZZIA! has it all – PLEASURE, PASSION, TEMPTATION and CELEBRATION – designed to offer something unique for all who allow themselves to journey into our vision.

Daily show at 20h30 Tuesday to Friday, 18h30 and 21h00 on Saturday and 15h00 on Sunday's. Mondays closed.

No smoking is permitted in any conference & event venues, as per legislation from 01 Jul 2001.
Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.


Telephone:  +27 14 557 1669