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Protein rich grass feed the mothers of the antelope while the lambs and calves grow at astounding speed. The impala complete their lambing, the wildebeest start and complete in a few weeks. The rains become more regular with thunder storms every few days. The pans remain full and the colors shine in brilliant green and the grasses begin to get away from the hungry mouths.

While the grazers enjoy the green tender mouthfuls the predators are ever watching and stalking but their winter camouflage lets them down and they have to work harder - however, the bushes become more dense allowing more hiding places for them to observe their prey. This ensures that the predators devote much of their time to hunting the young impala and wildebeest – producing plenty of predator prey action. All the migrant birds have arrived.

Temperatures have cooled on average but hot days still occur and nights are still warm and humidity can rise after rains. Good colors - dramatic skies and lightning at night in the distances all add to the magic of December.


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