South African craftwork

The people of South Africa produces a wide range of arts and crafts, working from the markets of the big cities to deep rural areas.

South Africans are a crafty bunch. The country's people produce a remarkable range of arts and crafts, working from the pavements and markets of the big cities to deep rural enclaves, with every possible form of traditional artwork - and then some.



Photo Album

Amaphotho, an apron worn by married Ndebele women for less formal events Ndebele artwork Toy Harley Davidson motorbike, helicopter and Beetle car made from wire Zulu craftwork, KwaZulu-Natal
North Sotho apron made from beads and string Ricksha driver in elaborately beaded and painted headdress Paper machè bowl made from sardine tin labels Peaked cap made out of Coca-Cola cans
Beaded ties, made by a crafts collective in the Midlands area of KwaZulu-Natal Bread pot made from telephone wire Wood carving of a mineworker Isiphephetu, Ndebele apron worn by young women
Decorative bowl incorporating a variety of shiny beads, made by a KZN crafts collective Decorative house in the Golden Gate area of the Free State Embroidered wall hanging Youngsters with home-made guitars in Hanover, Northern Cape
Day of Freedom, a beadwork image showing Nelson Mandela casting his vote Handpainted paper machè fish ornament Wall hangings and decorative shirts at Mama Africa bar and restaurant in Cape Town Ndebele woman wearing traditional neck rings and jewellery outside a decorated homestead
Painted cloth wall hanging Bowls made from telephone wire Telephone-wire bowl Decorated ricksha cart, Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Baskets for sale at a market in Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu-Natal Xhosa woman weaving a tapestry, Western Cape Xhosa boys with home-made wire cars, Eastern Cape African crafts, Mpumalanga
Guineafowl ornaments, Limpopo Crafts for sale Wooden sculpture in a curio shop Plate holder made from telephone wire
Exotic bird made from wire and beads Itshogolo, an elaborate apron worn by married Ndebele women for special occasions Decorated house in a Basotho cultural village, Free State Ndebele design
Decorated Basotho homestead, Free State Embroidered wall hanging by Jane Msibi Buck ornament made from recycled plastic packaging Beadwork
Handmade woollen carpet Pink pigs made from wire and beads Woman weaving baskets at Cathedral Peak, KwaZulu-Natal Beadwork