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The Kingdom in the Sky


Kena Ka Khotso!  Enter in Peace!


Maseru is the Capitol City. Lesotho is a developing country in southern Africa and the facilities for tourists are limited.

Discover Lesotho - the highest point in the subcontinent.  The uniqueness is not confined to its scenic beauty and tranquility alone nor to the four seasons that express themselves in different moods in the open nature that surrounds.  The people of Lesotho, the Basotho, will themselves add an inimitable flavor to a visit.  Lesotho is a fenceless country, a whole 11716 square miles of land surface that is unrestricted to discovery.  Pony-trek and overnight in village and experience traditional hospitality.

Relax in natural rock pools, hike, bird-watch, fish, abseil the cliffs and watch the countless stars that dot the clear sky at night.




The Basotho are a nation of horsemen.  For many years it was their only means of transport through mountainous terrain.  The Basotho pony's origin is not yet fully researched.  It is assumed that it has a mixture of stunted thoroughbred and an influence of horses from Java and later on the introduction of Arab stallions and a cross-breed with the famous Conemara ponies.  This has resulted in a horse that is well suited to the terrain.  In the 70's a national stud for breeding Basotho ponies was founded at Thaba Tseka at the top of Molimo Ntushe Pass.  Malealea Lodge arranges ponytrekking into the mountains.  Sure-footed and sweet-tempered - the Basotho pony traverses through trails of spectacular beauty.


A passport is required for U.S. citizens traveling to

Lesotho but no visa is needed.

Discover Lesotho with African Classic


Spring is August to October.  The season in which peach blossoms frame the still snow covered peaks of the Maluti.  Melting snow feeds the rivers and falls.  The peach-tree is found in all Basotho villages and has a "natural" promulgation throughout the fields and mountain regions. 


High Summer in Lesotho extends from November until the end of January.  Due to the altitude on which Lesotho lies, the temperatures don't get unbearably high and summer rains transform the mountains into lush green fields.  The summer rains in Lesotho are short and lasts only a few hours, after which the sky opens up into the most beautiful evening cloud-formations.

Summer is a time for trout fishing, swimming, hiking and pony-trekking.  A calming stillness between the mountain valleys and rockfaces, the beauty of morning dew and the splendid blooming red-hot pokers or the giant aloes is all that makes Lesotho such a special place in the sky.


Autumn starts slowly, reaching full swing from February to April.  Harvest fever sends the Basotho people into a spate of traditional dancing and thanks giving ceremonies.


Winter is the time of the year for big skies, mind-blowing sunsets and stark barren mountains.  From May to July the Malutis are often covered with snow.  The days are dry and sunny, the evenings and nights are cold and the skies are cluttered with stars.  Pony-treks are popular and the ponies are surefooted and experienced in ice and snow conditions.


Basotho are a nation that has solid traditions, beliefs and customs. The annual  Morija arts festival portrays at the best level the rich culture and celebrations that Lesotho is truly proud of.  If you want to be part of these celebrations you will be welcomed with smiling faces. And in the villages, you will be offered the traditional porridge -- Motoho.

Come and experience a wealth of savory food, natural attractions, and reserves.

The Basuto Hat is the nations national symbol and reflects in the architecture of its city and houses in the villages.



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