Moremi Wildlife Reserve is situated in the centre of the Okavango Delta and is undoubtedly one of the world's most pristine wilderness areas.

 Moremi consists of a network of waterways surrounding two large islands, Chiefs Island in the west and Mopane Tongue in the east.

The Reserve is a place of lily-covered wetlands, grass plains and forests, where even at the busiest time of year you're likely to be the only spectators at the most dramatic animal sighting.

 This diversity of habitats provides rich pickings for an impressive variety of animals and around 550 bird species.

There are three serviced campsites in the reserve, these are unfenced and as the animals frequently prowl for scraps in the dead of night, will definitely make you feel that you are in the heart of wildest Africa.

For the less adventurous Moremi is best seen by vehicle safari and boat trips from the luxury lodges within the reserve. At Moremi, game viewing is impressive throughout the year.