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Children on Safari - African Classic

Kids on Safari -- African Classic

  • Africa is perfect for children. 

  • After all it is nature's original theme park.

  • A safari can inspire a career in science or conservation.

  • Or simply restore the word awesome to its true meaning. 


    Kids on Safari - interaction with local culture.   African Classic

    Kids on Safari - playing at Boulders Beach in Cape Town - African Classic

    Kids on Safari - playing with penguins on Boulders Beach Cape Town - African Classic














    Africa is perfect for children.  After all it is nature's original theme park.  A safari can inspire a career in science or conservation, or simply restore the word awesome to its true meaning. 


    An African safari is an exhilarating journey for a family.


    Take your family away and bring them closer to you. 

    Where the schedules of game drives will become more important than TV schedules, and where the call of the wild will be more exciting than telephone calls.


    Here you discover that it is the lioness, not the lion, who surveys the landscape and decides on hunting territory for the evening meal, and you will learn that the cheetah, not the leopard is the fastest mammal on earth. 


    Create lifelong memories for you, your children and grandchildren by embarking on an adventure to Southern Africa – a world in one continent.


    Africa is one endless walk on the wild side. 


    Wherever you are on safari, it is the personal encounters that become soul-stirring memories. 


    Looking through your photo album  of wildlife photos and your safari with your family  will bring back memories for years to come.


    Each picture will remind you of the special moments you spend with some of the earth’s free spirits and those fleeting moments when you could feel it – Africa’s Soul.


    On safari you are about to encounter a unique African experience. 


    Guided by your own personal ranger and skilled Shangaan tracker, you will be shown all the natural wonders of life on safari. 


    You will see a myriad of wild animals including but not limited to , the Big 5, leopard lion, rhino, elephant and buffalo.  The graceful impala, dazzling zebra and other unique African game will be encountered. 


    A visit to a cultural village to interact with the villagers, visit a local school and enjoy some African cuisine.


    You will leave with a wonderful knowledge of the flora and fauna as well as having taken award winning photographs of wildlife at its best and unlimited encounters with  animals up close.






    The Amatola Mountains are the southern most Afro-alpine habitat in South Africa.  Experience the magical charm and slow whispering passion that belies the mystical Eastern Cape Mountains.  


    Hogsback - 210 miles from East London is misty, cool with the threat of rain permanently in the air.


    This is where Tolkien visited as a child. The land is very much a snapshot of Hobbiton and one can almost see Bilbo, smell freshly baked cakes and catch glimpses of wood elves. It doesn't always rain; when it clears there are bright deep green forests, waterfalls, gardens and wildflowers.

    The little village has a small stone church, even in winter when snow caps are startling white and exquisite. Read more......




    A 2-3 hour guided hike over the terrain occupied by two troops of Chacma baboons, the most southern-most primates in the world.


    Learn to track them and to make contact with these amazing animals whilst enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Southern Peninsula. See them in their natural habitat. Read more........




    The South African coastline offers a marine experience like no other.

    See 40-ton southern right whales only meters from where you stand on land. 


    See your lone footprints fade into the distance behind you while exploring deserted beaches or visit a stone-age coastal cave and be reminded of the countless generations who have walked these beaches before you. Read more....




    Frolic on Boulders  beach with the amusing Jack Ass penguins, and discover why the live in the warm temperatures of Africa as opposed to the impression that penguins are only to be found in colder temperatures.


    Introducing children to the wonder of African wildlife: the bush is a natural arena for learning about the cycles of the earth, the predator hierarchy and the fascinating ways animals adapt to their environment.

    However before sallying forth into the bush on safari, some reflection on the health issues and on your own children’s temperaments is advisable... 

    Malaria is a concern in most, but not all, safari areas of Southern Africa.

    We recommend that small children under the age of five, (as well as pregnant women), do not go to malarial areas as the difficulty of treating malaria increases when small children are concerned. Older children simply take the same precautions as adults.

    There are non-malarial safari areas that also offer excellent game-viewing: the three main areas being the Eastern Cape, the Welgevonden Private Game Reserve, Madikwe Game Reserve, the Waterberg and the Kalahari.

    Considering from the child’s point of view is never more appropriate than in the bush.

    Imagine - you are five years old and 1½ hours into a game drive. It was really fun at first and you loved seeing the elephant and the baby zebra but now the ranger at the front just keeps on talking and you haven’t a clue what he’s saying.

    You’re hungry, and you’re getting cold and ….you really, really need to go to the loo but Mommy says you can’t because we’re looking for a pride of lions which were sighted near here … wherever here is. You’re bored and you want to go home now!

    It doesn’t make for a happy family holiday, especially when you’ve paid a fair bit of money for your safari.

    The other aspect to consider is that a safari is, for a few days, a fairly specific way of life. Some kids will easily adapt into the routine of morning and late afternoon activity interspersed with quiet time, ideal for reading or sleeping. However more boisterous kids may find this more difficult especially in the winter months where enjoying time at the pool may not be such an obvious option.

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    Camping for little ones - creating memories forever.  African Classic