Helicopter Picnic   world's third largest canyon - Blyde River Canyon

Helicopter adventures over the spectacular and scenic Mpumalanga Lowveld, are undoubtedly the only way to embrace the beauty and capture the splendor of the area.

The Mpumalanga Helicopter Company is based in the beautiful Mpumalanga Lowveld.

The office is in Hazyview and most flights take place from the surrounding Lodges and Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve.

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Elephant Back Safaris


Elephants are renowned for their ability to follow a scent and are the only creatures who are able to maintain this sense through water.

They are therefore often used in tracking - particularly after poachers. Guests spending more than 3 nights at Camp Jabulani are able to experience this extraordinary skill first hand. Guests on elephant back are split into two groups. The first departs from the camp with guides on foot. The second group depart a short while later. The elephants are given the scent of one of the members of Group 1. They then begin to track that scent .... Somapane is our very best! Test her skills first hand. This is a thrilling experience and guaranteed to amaze.

Visit  the Cheetah Research Center

The Centre has established itself as one of the leading private research and breeding facilities for endangered species in the country.

Governed by a progressive and modern management approach, it concerns itself with the breeding and maintenance of several endangered indigenous wildlife species in Southern Africa.

The Centre places particular emphasis on the breeding and maintenance of cheetah in captivity. The excellent condition of these animals and the premises on which they are maintained, reflect the attention to detail, which is the hallmark of this facility.

Visitors can witness feeding sessions of various rare African vultures as they swoop down into the “vulture restaurant” to feed on the remains of carcasses. The centre’s veterinary staff operate an animal hospital where injured or abandoned animals from elsewhere are cared for and eventually released back into the wild. The centre, a non-profit enterprise, is funded from gate takings and sales from the curio shop and restaurant. Visitors to the centre have a number of options, including tours of the centre and game drives on Kapama Private Game Reserve.