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Countries of South & East Africa

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Chobe elephants -


Mokoro trip in the Okavango Delta, Botswana -



Land of water, sea of land.  Listed as one of the 100 places you need to see before you die, Botswana is certainly a destination that exceeds expectations. Its three eco-systems needs to be explored to ensure the enjoyment of this magnificent country.
Most popular places to visit: Okavango Delta,  Magadigadi and Chobe.

Kenya -


Kenya has some fantastic landscapes and safari destinations.
Most popular places to visit: Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli. Selous is the most untouched area and Africa at its best.
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Lake Malawi -


Malawi is a little gem. This is a laid-back country and the old African saying 'Pole Pole' (Slow Slow) is at the order of the day.
Most popular places to visit: Lake Malawi, Zomba Plateau.
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Spectacular beaches in Mozambique -


Mozambique has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Africa. Great island and beach resorts to fly to and from South Africa.
Most popular places to visit: Bazaruto and Benguerra Islands. 
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Microlight flight over the Victoria Falls -


One of the most undeveloped countries in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe offers a great opportunity to explore wild Africa.
Most popluar places to visit: Victoria Falls, Eastern Highlands, Lake Kariba. Read more>>

The Sossusvlei Sand Dunes -


Namibia is a country of wide open spaces.  It is a unique destination and a wonderful travel experience. Together with Botswana, the lowest population density in the world. Fascinating desert landscape that will entice the most enthusiastic photographer.
Most popular places to visit: Sossusvlei, Etosha, Swakopmund and the Skeleton Coast. 
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Victoria Falls - one of the Seven Wonders of the World -


A true African Wilderness experience with game reserves like South Luangwa and lower Zambezi.
Most popular places to visit: Victoria Falls, South Luangwa National Park.
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Misty Mount Kilimanjaro -


Tanzania is a country with some of the highest concentration of wildlife. The sight of the extinct volcano of Ngorongoro and the sight of millions of animals on the Serengeti Plains and the highest free-standing mountain (Kilimanjaro) will place Tanzania very high on any 'To-Do' list.
Most popular places to visit: Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Kilimanjaro.
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Zanzibar -


The Spice Island. White beaches and care-free times. A combination of many cultures and quite interesting from a historical perspective.
Most popular places to visit: northern & eastern coastline, Stone Town.

Cable Car to Table Mountain -


South Africa - A World in One Country - an astonishing variety of landscapes and no wonder so many people return over and over and some even stay.
Most popular places to visit: Kruger Park, Cape Town, Garden Route.

Mauritius beaches -


The small volcanic island of Mauritius is situated in the warm Indian Ocean, surrounded by magnificent coral reefs and an abundance of exotic sea life. Itís a most exotic island, with lush subtropical forests, over 80 different types of palm trees and craters and basalt rocks littering its interior. Read more...

Madagascar - Eco Tours -


Madagascar's forests are a shimmering, seething mass of a trillion stems and dripping leaves and slithering, jumping, quirky creatures out of nature's bag of tricks: lemurs, periwinkles and baobabs, aloes, geckoes, sifakas and octopus trees. Sadly, they are threatened by aggressive deforestation. Read more....

Seychelles -


Among the 115 islands of the Seychelles you will find the luxuriant, tropical paradise that appears in countless advertisements and glossy travel brochures. But however seductive the images, they simply can't compete with the real-life dazzling beaches and crystal-clear waters. Read more.....

Uganda -


The beauty of Uganda once prompted Winston Churchill to proclaim it the "Pearl of Africa," and many travelers would agree with his assessment. A fertile oasis amid the arid highlands of East Africa, Uganda's national parks include lush rainforest, open savannah, and stunning mountain landscapes.  Read more....

Rwanda -


The name Rwanda once evoked images of the amazing mountain gorillas and breathtaking mountain views, until the country was devastated by bloodshed. Still, much of it has been rebuilt by its inhabitants, the economy has been resurrected, and travelers can now move around much more safely. Read more....


Lesotho -


Discover Lesotho - the highest point in the subcontinent.  The uniqueness is not confined to its scenic beauty and tranquility alone nor to the four seasons that express themselves in different moods in the open nature that surrounds.  Read more.....