How do you become a valued client of African Classic Encounters? 


Africa is a hot destination.  Everybody is either going or has just returned from safari.

  1. You are overwhelmed with advice from everybody. 

  2. You do not have the luxury of taking more than two or three weeks from home.

  3. You want an authentic, private experience away from the public.

  4. You want to choose your departure date and travel companions. You do not have time to surf the web for hours and hours and still not be closer to a decision.

  5. In fact,  with information overload, you are now more confused!

  6. There is no bad looking hotel or lodge.  Simple. They do not exist.  Everything is in pristine condition in the brochure and on the web.


This is where working with a specialist tour operator is your most valuable asset.



Most of African Classic Encounters clients are referrals from other past and happy travelers who entrusted their valuable time and money with the experienced travel planners at African Classic Encounters.


As we appreciate you respecting our time as well as yours, we recommend that you look through the African Classic Encounters website which indicates regional highlights, advising you of the best time of year to travel to each destination, and sample itineraries to give you some ideas and an indication of cost.


Once you have a clear idea of your destination, please call us to discuss your options, and we will help you plan that perfect, personalized vacation. We will also give you an approximate per person cost based on your clear understanding of how much time you have to travel, and at which comfort level you wish to travel. 


Various factors play a role in one's choice of safari destination and, for most people, cost is one of the many criteria that influence this important decision.


Click here for the Cost Factor for safari planning.


Below is a list of questions we'll ask you as we begin the planning process. You'll want to some take some time to think these through before giving us a call.

  • Number of people in your party and their ages

  • Travel dates

  • Destinations, in order of priority

  • Activities and interests, in order of priority

  • Special sites that should be included

  • Types of accommodations (best available; moderate; least expensive)

  • Preferred budget for land and domestic air arrangements

  • Any medical considerations that might restrict you

  • International carrier and routing, if known

African Classic Encounters offers personalized service and attention to


If you would like us to proceed, we will craft a detailed itinerary for you, selecting the most convenient flight route that will take you directly and safely to each destination.



Due to the time-consuming nature of creating a custom itinerary, we will require receipt of a trip development fee of $400.00 per person, which will be credited to the final cost of your trip.



Enjoy the anticipation and plan ahead—one year or more from your departure date is not too soon.


We can be reached at 1-888-808-1999 or 212 972 0031 - we look forward to hearing from you!


Terms and Conditions: Please be advised that AFRICAN CLASSIC ENCOUNTERS Terms and Conditions apply to all travel arrangements.


To read the terms, please click here, or request we mail or fax you a copy.