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Leave A Bag Behind Project


When packing for your safari, spare a thought of extra clothing to be left behind at some of the remote villages that you might visit.  Or alternatively you can leave your contribution behind and a representative of the ACE African Bag Project will collect it and distribute it to the local villages that we support.


Inspire the imagination of a developing mind by bringing a book or magazine along for enquiring minds, exposing another world and stimulating an interest.  A set of pens, pencils and crayons are most needed.


Africa is Crazy about Football!

All across Africa you see kids in the streets and on makeshift soccer fields kicking all sorts of things that look vaguely like soccer balls (coconuts, bundles of clothes, tin cans…).  There is a great charity drive called Footballs for Fun who has identified this love of the game and whose aim is to get actual footballs to kids in Africa.  Their motto is “A gift from the world of tourism to the children of Africa”.  I think it’s a lovely project and well worth supporting.


You can buy balls in country flag colors to give and bring with them to destinations within Africa.  They are deflated and therefore very easily packed (and come with a pump and valve). 

And if you like, your logo can be printed on the balls to make it a really personal involvement for your company. Read more....



Should you suddenly find yourself having "shopped till you dropped" and do not have sufficient space left in your suitcase - feel free to leave whatever you do not need in a bag or suitcase and it will be collected and distributed to very grateful less fortunate people. 


With so many charity programs run by large companies with CEO's, administration employees and supervisors, stuck in endless meetings to discuss having more meeting and more committees, it is often questionable how much of donations ever reach the intended recipients.  We prefer a more hands on approach with direct contact at villages or schools.  We believe the need is now - immediate action is required.  We prefer to make a contribution to ease the need that is required today.  Whether it is a much needed pair of sneakers, sweater, coat, jacket or just a hug - we like to make a difference today.

This is an informal project and is on a case by case basis.  Gratitude runs deep in Africa and any contribution is appreciated.