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Three miles outside Stellenbosch in the heart of the Winelands you will find a place of serenity and ultimate luxury.

Zorgvliet wine estate nestles in the Banhoek valley overlooking majestic mountains and rolling vineyards. The unique contemporary Cape Dutch architecture blends in with the authentic Herenhuis restaurant dated 1692.

Today Zorgvliet boasts not only award winning wines but also 19 five star vineyard lodging rooms and two restaurants. Here you can experience what living on a working wine farm is all about or you can simply indulge in the consumption of the fruit of the vine. You can enjoy wine tasting and barrel sampling in the modern wine cellar.

Experience the magical ambiance of a mountain braai (BBQ) or picnic at the foot of Simonsberg. At dusk the valley becomes tranquil and filled with magic, the mountains are painted in the colors of our rainbow nation as the last rays of sunshine greet the valley good night. Sundowners on the stoep of the Herenhuis is a must experience as is dinner at this historic house turned restaurant.

The magic of the Banhoek will be with you when retiring to your vineyard lodge overlooking the moonlit valley.  No place better to try your hand at wine making whilst living amongst the vineyards.

Zorgvliet wine estate has embarked on a strategy of making wine more accessible to wine lovers who do not see themselves as connoisseurs or experts.

Take up the challenge and become a winemaker for a week, no previous experience needed!

Zorgvliet has recently took the extraordinary step of opening up the "intimate secrets and mystique" behind the harvesting and winemaking process.

You can now book a breakaway to the Zorgvliet wine estate and become a winemaker for a few days.

Learn about viticulture, different cultivars and the need to initiate good wine in the vineyard. Moving on to the cellar and giving a helping hand to the wine making team is next on your agenda. This is the ultimate wine breakaway experience. Barrel tasting will give you a vision of the wines of the future.

The project has been developed to enlighten in a very understandable manner and to experience the novelty of making wine.

Upon completion the barrels are sealed and in a year's time the wine will be bottled and labeled and the novice wine maker received a bottle of its harvest.



As vines are deciduous plants and their growth follows the seasons, cultivation practices are equally dictated by the season.



(September to November)

In spring the nodes on the shoots begin to swell and bud. Soon they develop new shoots with leaves, eyes, runners and small flower clusters. By the end of October the vineyards bloom and pollination takes place. The soil is ploughed and fertilised, excess shoots are removed and shoots growing out of rootstocks are broken off just below the surface. Water is essential and in very hot, dry areas judicious irrigation is necessary. In damp conditions the vineyard is more susceptible to fungal disease and it should be treated accordingly, as well as against insects.


(December to February)

As the weather becomes warmer, the grapes ripen. Growth control by topping and irrigation are now applied to ensure maximum ripeness. Preparations for the harvest are begun in the cellar and, when the grapes are ripe, they are harvested and pressed.


(March to May)

When harvesting is complete, the vine gathers reserve stocks of nutrients for the winter and wood grows hard to enable the shoots to resist winter cold. The leaves colour and fall, and growth ends. Fertilisation is again necessary and in areas where irrigation is used, the vineyards are thoroughly sprayed to encourage development of reserves. Disease control is important: as soon as the leaves have fallen, all the shoots except the bearers are removed by clean pruning.


(June to August)

Winter is the resting period of the vine and no visible growth takes place. After good rains have fallen, the vines are heavily pruned and the soil fertilised where necessary by ploughing crops and natural weeds into it.



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