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  • President of African Classic Encounters is the former CEO of South African Tourism Board

  • All tour consultants are native South Africans

  • Local offices in Johannesburg and Cape Province as well as in New York City.  You are invited to visit the office in Manhattan for a personal consultation on your travel to Southern Africa

  • Invaluable and extensive knowledge of Southern Africa

  • Working closely with all the major hotels and lodge owners affords African Classic Encounters the unique ability to be independent and not have a personal interest in any lodge or hotel enables African Classic Encounters to be objective and ensure the best match to interest, budget and preference

  • Provides insight into why some safaris are better than others

  • Up to date with latest changes in flights, visa requirements, luggage restrictions

  • Knowledge of latest changes imposed by new FCC rules and regulations for international passengers

  • Knowing last minute updates on luggage allowances

  • Travel planning avoiding school holidays and local public holidays

  • Knowing when hotels and lodges are undergoing renovations and avoiding booking accommodation during the refurbishment

  • Daily updates on pool closures, golf courses booked and blocked off

  • In depth knowledge of rooms and its views and whether views are blocked during summer season by trees and its foliage obstructing an otherwise great view in other seasons

  • Local knowledge of events/festivals taking place that might obstruct traffic affecting your tour itinerary. 

  • Knowledge of days and times that museums and galleries are opened

  • Time Difference - It helps a lot to arrive on the date that you have a reservation

  • Making reservations and keeping reservations - Africa works on very strict cancellation penalties

  • Planning a travel itinerary around complicated flight connections

  • Metric system - to ensure a good understanding of how systems work

  • 24-hour clock  as opposed to 12 hour clock  -  Makes all the difference in being met and catching a flight on time

  • Advise on special performances and events taking place whilst you are in the area

  • An introduction and awareness of local customs and social behavior

  • Special treatment for you,  the valued client of African Classic Encounters whilst traveling, with upgrades when possible and special amenities where applicable

  • Before departure enjoy access to the VIP lounge of African Classic Encounters for invaluable information to

  • Once a client of African Classic Encounters access to the VIP lounge prepares you to get the most out of your trip with inside information on what to do, where to eat and what to eat, when is the best time of day to participate in certain activities

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